What happened to your toll free number?  Unfortunately we had to discontinue that number because of robo calls-up to 20 a day- making is impossible for customers to call.  Get in touch at 1-207-633-6803 or linda@mainebows.com

Which style ties are in the photos on the site?
Almost all ties are shown in the Classic 2 1/2″ size.

How do I get free shipping?
Shipping is free within the US when ordering 3 or more bow ties.

How long before I’ll get my ties?
Within a week in most instances.  Every tie is handmade individually. Large orders may take longer. If there will be a delay, I’ll email you.

What’s “casual style”?
This is a pre-tied bow that looks like you tied it yourself. It comes either with a neckband that hooks under the bow or as a clip-on model. It’s a little more casual than the standard formal pre-tie or clip-on.

What are points?
The ends of the bow have a Diamond or Batwing shape. See an example on the Bow Style page. Not available on the Cowboy Style. There is a box to check yes or no during the ordering process.

Non-adjustable bowties?  How do I measure?   Take a tie you already own, adjust it to fit perfectly, lay it out and measure end to end.  This is the measurement I need for your tie to fit properly.  Collar sizes don’t work because everyone ties their ties differently.  No extra time or charge involved.

May I send my favorite old four-in-hand long tie to be remade into a bow?
Most ties can be remade into bows. I have to judge each one. Sometimes there are worn spots and stains that don’t show up until the tie is taken apart. It’s a risk if it’s a favorite, but I’ll do the best I can. Go to Conversions.

May I send my own fabric?
Yes, about a half yard for one bow tie, small prints are the most suitable. Go to Design Your Own for complete instructions.

Why are children’s bow ties for over age 3?
Not safe! Lots of things look like they might be tasty when you’re little.

 How do I pay?
Mainebows accepts most major credit cards through our secure servers, Pay Pal, personal check and money order, US currency only please.  International customers responsible for duties and taxes levied.

Why do Mainers talk so funny?  You’d be disappointed if we didn’t


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