How to Tie

The easiest way is to close your eyes and pretend you are tying your shoe, but here goes:
1. Place the tie around your neck so that one end is slightly longer than the
other end.
2. Loop the longer end over, under, and up over the shorter. The two ends should then be of equal length.
3. Flip the top end out of the way. With the other end make a loop.
4. Bring the loop up to your throat and hold it at the center with your index finger; with the other hand retrieve the top end and let it hang down.
5. Make a loop of the top end, tuck it up behind the center, and pull it through where your index finger is, making a knot.
6. Pull the loops until they are equal in length with each other and with the two ends; adjust the knot.
7. If you’ve given up, pre-tied will let you sleep at least 5 minutes longer and casual pre-tied looks like you tied it yourself without the hassle (and I won’t tell). Lobsterman Bob used to kick-start his Harley back in the old days before he discovered how much easier it was to push a button.

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